Newbie in Taiwan?

Money New Taiwanese Dollars is the current currency. What I did was to take out cash (enough for a month) from an ATM at the airport with my Revolut card. I find it very useful when travelling, specially in Europe. It is a banking app based in the UK that allows you to have accounts […]

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Aboriginal Culture in Taiwan

This is a topic I find fascinating, so I thought I would share what I know and what I’ve discovered. I’ve done some research online and but I also have been to museums and asked people. Years before any other civilisation went to Taiwan, there were Austronesian tribes already living there. They had their own […]

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Taiwanese toilet

Taiwanese Cultural Shock

As a Spaniard going to Asia for the first time, you are bound to encounter not only a different scenery or food, but also another culture. Even though I had studied Chinese at university and knew stuff about Taiwanese culture, I had quite a few moments where I felt really alien to the rest of […]

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