About me…

My name is Marta Ramírez Vaquero, Spanish girl, in my late 20s. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a linguist, a Reiki healer, a dancer… a multidimensional being living a human life. While being a perfectionist, I also adore signing and dancing in my underwear, whether it’s to Disney songs or Beyoncé or ACDC.

2019 has been a crazy year… Let me get you up to speed.

After 4 years studying in Madrid, I switched to London – another big city – for another 4 years, where I did my masters and then, worked and saved money for my dream destination: Taiwan.

Why Taiwan? I’ve always found really interesting Chinese culture. When learning the language, I realised I could also speak Chinese but not in China. Call me millennial, but for me, a country with Google seemed like a better option.

Anyway, I left my job, house, flatmates, friends and chosen family in London and went back to Spain for a little while. I did my Reiki course and I opened myself up to spirituality.

And then I did it. I went to Taiwan by myself.

Hold on… By yourself?

If not now, when? If I don’t do it for myself, no one will.

Me, 2018-2019

After that, I solo travelled to Cuba for a month. There, I learnt to dance salsa the way Cubans do and to live life a little bit more like them.

As I write this, I have been studying and living in Taiwan for 5 months… And I’m figuring out as I go.

This online space is a collection of experiences, knowledge and services that I’ve accumulated through travelling, coffee, Cuban salsa and spirituality.

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