Coffee Of The Day: Madrid

Ever since I started working in coffee, I have become that annoying friend who will only have a coffee in a specialty coffee shop. These are the ones I like the most in Madrid.

Calle de la Palma, 49, 28004 Madrid (Malasaña)

It was the first specialty coffee shop in Madrid. I had the opportunity and privilege of working with the owners and it was a dream. They take a lot of care of each coffee they roast, as well as of the customers and the decor in both places they own.

C/ de Embajadores 3, 28012, Madrid, España. (Lavapiés)

A small coffee shop with simple yet cute decoration. They roast their own coffee and have tasty things to eat. They also do coffee and roasting talks (which I haven’t been able to attend just yet).

Calle del Pez, 20, 28004 Madrid (Noviciado)

They use coffee from different companies. You can choose house espresso or a guest espresso. The food menu and the cakes are out of this world and the place it self… I feel like becoming a freelancer so that I can stay working there.

Calle Doctor Fourquet 33, 28012 Madrid (Lavapiés)

It is a small but cozy place. They change the coffee every so often and they have cakes and things to nibble on. I have only been once, but the atmosphere was really nice and I liked the coffee too.

Calle Ruiz, 11, 28004 Madrid (Bilbao)

Old coffee shop with a lot of history. It was recently renovated. I was working there for a few days when they opened and it has a great vibe. They use Toma Café’s coffee and at night it transforms into a very nice bar to grab a drink.