Realistic Tarot and Oracle Readings

I’m not going to tell you your future…

…Just what you needed to know at this moment in time.

Who Am I?

Good point.

Hi, my name is Marta. If you want to know where I’m from and what I’ve been doing with my life, you can read it here.

I’ve always been spiritual but these past few years have been quite intense. I started watching videos by Ralph Smart and Teal Swan. I learnt about chakras. I began meditating. I read and read about all things spirituality.

One day, I went past a Spiritual Shop and I was just browsing when I realised they had a special offer on Tarot Readings. I was curious, so I singed up for one. The reading was very accurate and it felt like therapy for me. I then went on a trip to Ireland and bought my first Tarot deck.

The rest has been studying, reading, practising, doing courses…

My Philosophy

I believe everything happens for a reason. Following this, if you take a card out of the 78 that there are in a tarot deck, I believe that it is for a reason.

I also believe that we can learn from everything. Instead of taking the Tarot card reading as set in stone, I take it as a tool for self discovery and self development.

Now, the world is already pretty harsh already, so I’m not here to tell you that your mother is going to find out about you-know-what *wink*, or that your boss is not the nice person everyone believes him to be, or even that you will find your one true love.

What Do I Offer?

What I’m going to do though, is to remind you of your current situation and help you see it from a different angle. Maybe (if applicable) offer a word of advise.

When I do readings, I like to create a safe space with mutual respect. I won’t push you to talk about uncomfortable topics.

What People Have Been Saying…

The future is a powerful thing to meddle with, so are tarot cards readings… In my opinion, the key point anyone needs to take into account, is that the person who is in charge of the reading, is a trustworthy one. 
That is absolutely the case with Marta. Once you see her, you know in your gut, that she will do her best to guide you through the journey. She explained all the details clearly and calmly.
If you are eager to know, what the universe has plan for you and you want to take action, don’t hesitate to reach out to Marta. I highly recommend her! Will repeat without any doubt!

Freya, Spain

Marta is amazing at what she does. Her tarot reading service brought me a lot of clarity when it comes to my business and life. I felt guided with everything she has told me about and her advices were also aligned with me. I love that her reading isn’t the “usual” where the readers were supposed to foretell your future and stuff like that. Hers was more genuine. If you’re thinking of working with Marta, I’d say go for it. She’s helped me a lot and I know she will for you too.

Myrra, Philippines

Such great cards and you are amazing!! Spent 1 hour – (half for the reading card) It helped me to get energy back, being happy and know what I need to do, what I have to do next, just go forward! Highly recommended to everyone to check out this service.

Jade, Vietnam


All readings can be done in person or online.

  • Three Card Reading – 15 MIN – 5 €

The three card reading will give you a general idea of where you are at now and how you can improve your life.

We pull three cards three times: Past, Present and “Future”.

Depending on the reading, it will tell you one or more situations and how they are going to turn out if you continue doing the same thing.

I also like to pull Oracle cards to get some extra advice cards. 🙂

  • Specific Reading – 30 MIN – 10€

This reading will make you get a deep understanding of any specific situation (love, studies, work, family, travel…).

We draw a person card and the card that represents your specific question. Afterwards, we shuffle the cards and draw 7 cards.

Then, we take a few cards from the Oracle deck to obtain even deeper understanding and advice.

tarot specific

  • General Reading – 30 MIN – 10€

This reading will give you a detailed description of your current situation.

We will draw cards from the Tarot deck, taking a look at the situation using the well-known Celtic Cross spread.

Afterwards, we will draw Oracle cards to help us gain a wider perspective. These cards also give us guidance and advice for the situation.

tarot general

  • In-Depth Reading – 1 HOUR – 15€

With this In-Depth Tarot and Oracle Reading you get an accurate and complete reading of your current state.

If you have several specific questions, there will be time to answer all. We also will use different spreads and decks that will help us with your situation in particular.

Tarot reading

  • Free Consultation

When I first started in this “spirituality” journey, I didn’t have anyone to talk with about this weird “woo” stuff. Now, I’m not an expert nor a psychologist. Life is about learning and I continue to do so everyday. However, I have read, watched and consumed all things spirituality and I would like to share them with you.

This is 30 min Consultation is meant to be an open space to talk about spirituality with no judgement. If you are not sure about Tarot, Reiki or anything else related to spirituality, this is for you.

It also includes a free tarot card reading. You can choose the deck and I’ll do the explaining.

Interested in Tarot Readings?

  • Please make sure to book FIRST an appointment HERE! 🙂
  • And then to pay the session HERE.

To make sure no one waste their time, I will check the appointment and payment 12 hours before the appointment. If you wish you cancel it, please do so before those 12 hours.

Not sure?

If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer you to the best of my ability.

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