About me…

My name is Marta Ramírez Vaquero, Spanish girl, in my late 20s.

I was born in Almería, raised in the Canary Island and did my 4 year BA in Madrid. After that, I moved to London, where I studied a Masters and stayed to work and save money.

I “accidentally” found a job in Speciality Coffee and I have been working and growing in the industry for a full year and few months now (intermittently). It has now become an essential part of my life.

After 4 years in London, I left my job, my flatmates and friends and went back to Spain… Only to pack my bags and go to my dream destination: Taiwan. And so I went, on January 2019, alone, with one hand luggage and a backpack. From there, I went to Vietnam, Cuba, Taiwan again. In 2020, I came back to Spain to stay for a while.

I opened this online space to talk about coffee, travel and cultures. I hope you can find something you’re interested in. 🙂

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